Thursday, December 17, 2015

My Sugarscarf Journey!

Journey with Sugarscarf can never be dull or boring...! :)

This is the list of my Sugarscarf scarves! Keep it coming!!!!

1. Madison Sofia Satin Alice Silver - 02.07.2014
2. Madison Classic Rose Tea - Bought in store can't remember the date!
3. Madison Classic Ash Lilac - 30.11.2015
4. Madison Tiara Blue Bell - 16.12.2015
5. Madison Classic Pastelina Zest - 16.12.2015
6. Madison Classic Angelic White - 05.01.2016
7. Madison Crown Sachet Pink - 22.01.2016
8. Hope Kate By Sugarscarf Pinecone - 02.02.2016
9. Very Madison Purple Reign - 24.02.2016
10. Kelly Sofia Black Pitch - 24.03.2016
11. Kelly Sofia Crimson Red - 24.03.2016
12. Madison Classic Pure Apple - 24.03.2016
13. Kelly Sofia Bold Dark Plum - 29.03.2016
14. Madison Glitter Cosmic Blue - 4.4.2016
15. Madison Sofia Reverie Pink - 13.4.2016
16. Madison Glitter Apricot Garnett - 13.4.2016

Till then!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Big Four O : Lone Wolf

Assalamualaikum w.b.t, 

Dear readers (if there is any) or rather dear blog page,  too many social networks can sometimes cramped my very little life, why? because of the needs to keep myself updated on each media is exhausting!! 

Nevertheless, I need to spare some time for my hobby, yeah Reading is my hobby. Gosh, somebody should throw me another Picoult's novel please! My birthday is coming in 9 days... maybe I should again reward myself!

So last month, I did finish another novel! Yeay!!! another one down and nextttt!
  1. Leaving Time - 26 January 2016 : Superb!
  2. Change of Heart
  3. Salem Falls
  4. The Storyteller - done on Nov 16,2014
  5. Wonder Woman
  6. Plain Truth
  7. Lone Wolf done on Aug 2015
  8. Nineteen Minutes
  9. Keeping Faith
  10. Between The Lines
  11. The Tenth Circle
  12. The Pact
  13. Sing You Home
  14. Vanishing Acts
  15. Mercy
  16. Over The Moon
  17. My Sister's Keeper
  18. Picture Perfect
  19. House Rules
  20. Second Glance
  21. Harvesting The Heart
  22. Handle With Care  - done on Oct 19,2014
  23. Perfect Match
  24. Songs of Humpback Whale
Lone wolf is a good book, basically it tells about how a pack of wolves are living together as it is comparing the pack of wolves and the family in which has torn apart.  It pictures Luke who is the father who is more comfortable being in the pack of wolves rather than his family. 

It all started when the accident happened and drawn the family to be together again only to find out why Edward left the family for 7 years to Thailand. On the other hand, Cara who still hold grudges against his brother who she thought the reasons why their family fell apart, still have faith in his father, who is in the state of comma from the accident. 

Interesting plot twist ... I cried... Clap to Picoult's for another masterpiece! 

Thanks for reading!  

For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.
- Kipling 

Monday, March 9, 2015

March : Tupperware Readystock!!!!!!


March ready stocks are here! Everything is so cute!

 Fiddles Eco Bottle & Fiddles Sandwich Keeper RM41.90
Kids On The Go Bag RM15.00
Buy both only at RM50!

Poppy Eco Bottle & Poppy Sandwich Keeper RM41.90
Kids On The Go Bag RM15.00
Buy both only at RM50!

10L Water Wonder All Retail Price RM139
Buy now only at RM120!

Modular Bowls 300 ml x 3 RM33

Freezer Mate 650ml x 2 RM30

Please Whatsapp or SMS me at 0193609832 to order! 


Monday, February 23, 2015

I am an Authorized Tupperware Dealer!!!

Hello readers!

I am officially an authorized Tupperware dealer peeps! I've never ever imagine to enroll my self as one, but a kind Kakak from my place did it for me. I love Tupperware products and I think everyone should love Tupperware products, due to their durability and attractive colors! 

I am new in this (selling Tupperware) and I have a lot more to learn, I am doing this for self satisfaction and to make some money from it. InsyaAllah. I know it wont be easy but it'll be fun!

So if anyone interested to buy any Tupperware items from me, just go to my Instagram page asdiva_rizal to view available items and to make order! and hashtag #asridathetupperwareracks and from now on... this blog will be full with Tupperware items.. hihiks!

Let's rock and roll!


Mummy Sarah

Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Home : Curtains and Blinds!

Hello people!

Here today to update on my new curtains and blinds! *wink* *wink*.. I am willing to let go my dream handbag to decorate my house... so long handbag.. i'll try again to get you next year ya! So, I ask Kak Ina to do everything, dari mengukur sampai menggantung!

My little town house has no sliding doors and windows in front. Only two panel windows in the master bedroom and three panel windows in the guest room, one long glass window next to the front door. Yeah, imagination can goes rather wild.. so here they are....! 

Blinds for the long glass windows... if i have the money i would turn this to a single panel window....  But leaving it just the way it is is good as well, for some fresh air.....

 I know, the wall needs some colors! 

My kind of colors! Hihiks! 

I really really love the curtains and blinds! super awesome and turning my home super comfy instantly! Price tag for everything (including railings on 4 doors) is RM1287.00.

No curtains for the utility and kids room as yet....

Next is sofa! and next is wallpaper! and then anti jumping cabinets! Phew phew!!!

Thanks for reading!

P/s : Pictures Credit to Kak Halina Bunga .


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